Sunday, 9 November 2008

#48 - Great Nodden, Dartmoor

I've often driven along the A386 and seen the large bulk of a hill that is Great Nodden, so on this occasion, I decided to take a closer look. Parking at the Fox and Hounds pub, the weather was threatening but so far so good, and I headed out up the lane to the river Lyd where the fields meet the moor. Turning left, I walked along the banks before climbing up to the cairn at the top of the hill (437 metres).
By now, the wind was getting up, and in the south I could see the front of rain approaching, so I moved on. I joined the obvious track on Coombe Down and by the time I had reached Gren Tor, the downpour had arrived, and I took shelter for lunch.
With the weather worsening, I had no choice but to step up the pace, rounding Great Links Tor, passed Bleak House and, in deteriorating visibility and temperature, to Bray Tor. As I descended to the River Lyd crossing, the winds were kinder, the rain had eased, and the walk back to the car was a more relaxed affair!
  • Date: 09/11/08
  • Region: Dartmoor
  • Status: Solo
  • Description: Fox & Hounds – Gt. Nodden – Coombe Down – Gren Tor – Bleak House – Bray Tor – Fox & Hounds - Gales, Rain, 11km, 4hours.
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking