Thursday, 1 January 2009

#54 - First Walk of 2009...

...and a complete contrast to the day before!

I had expected this guided walk from the Beacon Visitor Centre to Fan Frynych to be the same as yesterday, with the group climbing out of a frozen valley, and up into the sunshine at the mountain top. Instead, we got a day of low visibility and a below freezing wind chill, but the landscape was stunning all the same!

I have never seen a frosted landscape like this before; the guides said they had never seen the National Park like this for many years, absolutely beautiful! It looked like we'd walked through the wardrobe into Narnia!

The peak of Fan Frynych at 629 metres, provided no views today, but the sight of its trig point appearing from the mist on the horizon was just as rewarding!

A great start to 2009, long may it continue in this way!
  • Date: 01/01/09
  • Region: Brecon Beacons NP
  • Status: Member
  • Description: Visitors Ctr – Pont Blaen-cwm-du – Fan Frynych – Pont Pentre-Liech – Visitors Ctr – Freezing, heavy frost, low vis.12.2km, 5hrs.
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking