Monday, 26 January 2009

A massive hurdle

What I've always seen as the biggest hurdle in achieving the Walking Group Leader Award, is getting the necessary First Aid training and the golden ticket that is the certificate. For someone who won't even go to a fancy dress party for fear of drawing attention to himself, this was a serious hurdle, and one I had fallen at before, back in October!

This weekend I had another go at the University of London Union, with a company called React First. I was determined to last the required 16 hours, instead of giving up halfway, but all too conscious that the fear of the role playing would hamper me to such an extent, I wouldn't be able to absorb any of the information.

Thankfully, the outcome was good; Charlie, the instructor was superb. I went into it begrudgingly, resigned to the fact that I had no choice if I was to reach WGL. It was tough, stressful, frustrating at times, but I came away succesful and genuinely wanting to improve my knowledge just in case I ever had to use it. That is a helluva lot more than I expected!

With that chapter closed, it's back to the more pleasurable business of logging some more hill walks, and contemplate when I should pencil in my WGL assessment date!