Saturday, 7 March 2009

#57 - Postbridge to Statts House (Ruin)

Forecasts were that the morning would be dry, with hill fog and rain heading in around midday; I take my beanie off to the weathermen for getting this one spot on!

I headed out of Postbridge at 09:30, crossing the bridge that sits alongside its more impressive predecesor, and turned north along the east bank of the East Dart River. This took longer than expected, slowed by a traipse through some nasty gorse. With the river behind me, I began a steeper ascent to the Grey Wethers Stone Circle, but not without an encounter with the sodden peat bog that saw me up to my knees! The route was made more difficult by the remainder of the weeks snow still dotted around, avoiding it making the walk a meander, in addition to playing havoc with my estimation of arrivals at each waypoint. Suffice to say, I made it to Sittaford Tor around 11:30.

My next objective was west to Statt's House, an old ruin perched on the top of Winney's Down. Once again, my progress was hampered, skirting around the snow, unable to trust the ground beneath, and I arrived about 45 minutes later. Fifteen minutes past midday and, as predicted, the weather had closed in. My original intention to continue east across the East Dart, and onto Fur Tor, was increasingly unrealistic, given the weather conditions and the unreliability of the terrain. So, I headed south, to the East Dart Waterfall, where I took lunch.

From the waterfall, the weather had deteriorated further, and I headed east over Winney's Down Brook, to meet up with the east bank of the river I had traversed earlier in the day.
  • Date: 07/03/09
  • Region: Dartmoor National Park
  • Status: Solo
  • Description: Postbridge - East Dart River - Grey Wethers Stone Circle - Sittaford Tor - Statt's House - Waterfall - Winneys Down Brook - Postbridge. Good Visibility, turning to hill fog; 13km, 5hrs
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking