Sunday, 8 March 2009

#58 - Cox Tor and Langstone Moor

I don't mind admitting this one was a bit of an effort to get motivated for, with the threat of some nasty weather closing in!
I started at the car park on Barn Hill, sited at the foot of Cox Tor, and a favourite spot with day trippers to marvel at the views across West, and South Devon without venturing out of their vehicles; shame on them! For me, it was a climb up the tor and down the other side into the valley below, dotted with ancient settlements and bronze age hut circles. I had barely started the climb up onto Langstone Moor when the first downpour occurred. Undeterred, I found the cairns I was heading for, a feat I might have struggled with in a heavy mist, such was their lack of prominence on the landscape!
Then, I headed up to Roos Tor for lunch, timely as the wind had picked up, and I was in need of the shelter. With a break in the weather, I continued on to Great Staples Tor. From here on, the rain became hail, and horizontal hail at that! Too often on my descent from the next tor, Middle Staple, I had to turn away, my face was being painfully pebble dashed!
By the time I had reached the car park, the sun had emerged, and it was as if it all had never happened!
  • Date: 08/03/09
  • Region: Dartmoor National Park
  • Status: Solo
  • Description: Barn Hill Car Park – Cox Tor – Langstone Moor Cairns – Roos Tor – Great Staple Tor – Barn Hill Car Park. – Rain, hail, gales. 7.4km, 4hrs.
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking.