Sunday, 22 March 2009

#60 - Lud's Church

The straw made the night fairly comfortable! I was awake by 5am and up an hour later, though.

Richard arrived around 9.30am, we packed up and headed out to Gradbach for the start of our morning's walk.

Just before we left the barn, the farmer managed to fleece a tenner from us for the loan of the straw!

The walk; From Gradbach, a beautiful walk along the River Dane Valley, to Danebridge, before a short climb up to Hangingstone Farm. The highlight was Lud's Church; a long narrow chasm in the hill, its high rock walls coated with moss, makes it an impressive sight! From there. a spot of "off roading" down the steep wooded hillside to the track back down by the river, returning to the car park.
  • Date: 22/03/09
  • Region: Peak District National Park
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: Gradbach – Danebridge – Hangingstone Farm – Luds Church - Gradbach - Bright, good visibility, 8.5km, 4hrs
  • Type of Walk: Leading or Assisting