Saturday, 23 May 2009

The summer has arrived!

A May bank holiday weekend on Dartmoor, and we stayed at the campsite out the back of the Plume of Feathers in Princetown. Once all set up, Jim and I headed out to the Warren House Inn for a short circular I've done a few times; down the valley to the Golden Dagger Tin Mine, through the medieval remains of Challacombe, climbing up to Two Burrows and north to the bronze age settlement of Grimspound, before a pint of Otter back at the pub a few hours later. Pleased I felt no ill effects of my right knee, which I had jarred a few days before. I was afraid it was ligament bruising which I had experienced a few years ago, but it wasn't the case.

In the evening, we took a wander up the cycle track to South Hessary Tor, to see if we could get any good shots of the sunset. Unfortunately and unusually, for Dartmoor, the weather was TOO good so we didn't fare that well!