Sunday, 26 July 2009

#69 - The Eggerhorn, Switzerland

Today was supposed to be an early rise to catch a train and bus before ascending Sparrhorn at 3021m. I didn't fancy the journey time, though and for the past few years had my eye on another mountain closer to our base in Fiesch; The Eggerhorn at 2503m, sitting high above Fiesch. In hindsight, the higher altitude might have been the easier option!

We took the bus to the village of Binn on the other side of the mountain, and began our ascent from 1400m, through the welcome shade of a forest. The weather was hotting up now, and the constant climb was eased by the protection from the sun.

Once out of the forest, on a plateau known as Sattulti, we could see the range of mountains we had walked the previous two days. The climb continued, and the paths narrowed, winding to the summit of the Eggerhorn. Our stop at the summit was fairly short. It had been a hard climb of 1100 metres, but my mind was on the steep path down! In a space of not even half a kilometre, the path drops over 200 metres on a dusty, crumbling, but deep path.
Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have minded it so much, but throw the height of the landscape into the equation, I was overwhelmed! Each step down was a battle of willpower, and I'm grateful to Diane for being patient with me. True to form, when the scale of the environment changed, mentally, the going got easier even though the path changed very little.

We finally made it to the road below Alpe Frid, at 1760m, where we chanced upon a bus and saved ourselves an hour and a half walk into Ernen. Pleased I made it up Eggerhorn, but it certainly revealed my fear of heights!
  • Date: 26/07/09
  • Region: Eggerhorn, Switzerland
  • Status: Equal
  • Description: Binn (1400m) – Sattulti (2128m) – Eggerhorn (2503m) – Alpe Frid (1889m) – Sunny, hot – 11km, 6h.
  • Type of Walk: International Personal Walking - Summer Conditions