Saturday, 29 August 2009

#74 - Hadrians Wall Day One

I jumped at the chance to assist on a 3 day trip along Hadrian's Wall over the August bank holiday. Left home around 10am on the Friday, very conscious of the obscene amount of traffic that would be snaking its way up the M6 to the Lakes later that afternoon, and missed the worst of it, arriving in Once Brewed around half past three.

The campsite was a little damp, and the weather was blowing a fair breeze, but the tent was up in good time; I threw on a brew and had dinner before a trip to the local to test the local ale.

Richard arrived early the next morning, and once settled, we met up with the rest of the group for the weekend; Claire, Maria, Ceri, Catherine and Lewis, with his two daschunds; Chappie and Brandy. We set off on the bus to Chester's Fort, near Chollerford, where our route was a simple stroll of 12 miles back along the trail to the Twice Brewed Inn.

A good day walking into a stiff wind, a soaking mid way through and some top views of the best bits of the wall.
  • Date: 29/08/09
  • Region: Northumberland
  • Status: Assist
  • Description: Chesters Fort – Mithraeum – Sewingshields Crag – Steel Rigg – Twice Brewed - Will4Adventure walk - Rain, shunshine, very windy, 18.5km, 7hrs
  • Type of Walk: Leading or Assisting