Sunday, 13 September 2009

Marathon mistake!

What was I thinking when I sent round a Facebook message to a few lucky friends suggesting we all have a go at the Chiltern Marathon? Some were up for it, which unfortunately meant I was obligated to it!

The Chiltern Marathon is a 26 mile circular walk from Lane End, in Buckinghamshire, that is meant to be completed in 9 hours. To keep up a pace of 3mph on a route with the ascent of a small mountain, was a tough ask and one that I couldn't manage.

Whilst my friends managed it, albeit not in the alloted 9 hours, and to considerable cost to their feet, I threw the towel in at the 20 mile checkpoint. I have never hated a walk in the beautiful Chiltern countryside as much as I did this! What others probably see as an achievement, I see as pointless and going against all I cherish about walking. No time to stop, admire your surroundings, and return from the day feeling energised and ready to face the working week again.

Suffice to say, I won't be setting out on that journey again!