Saturday, 17 October 2009

WGL Day 2 - In the balance!

Woke early to find ice on the tent! So pleased with my new Vango Viper 1000 sleeping bag as I was snug as a bug! We were up and away by 9am, making our way back to Princetown with some diversions. The day was warm, made worse by the strain of carrying a full rucksack for a second day, but I managed all my objectives and completed my leg successfully.

At lunch, before the short walk back to Princetown, Andy told us all about the next day. It is a requirement that all candidates are assessed by two people, so his wife Sue would be taking us out on the north moor.

He wasn't entirely happy with our performances. He saw elimentary mistakes happening one minute, and us redeeming ourselves the next! He saw us using the skills but wanted us to use them together more often, in certain situations. He knew we were capable. What was needed from us all was to go out there tomorrow and just have a really good day.

As for the night navigation, Andy smiled and said he wasn't sure what had happened to me, and it was something I was going to have to live with forever. I took the lighthearted criticism positively for a change, and saw it as a valuable lesson in team management.