Sunday, 27 December 2009

#91 - Festive Walk #2: Dartmoor

The next day, I took my nephews Jack and Harry out onto the moors, with a view to seeing how Jack was on his navigation skills. All was going well for a couple of hours until we reached the top of the Raddick Plantation and I asked Jack to take a bearing for Crazy Well Pool, only to discover he had lost the compass! With a fair idea of where it may have gone missing, and well aware that compasses aren't cheap, we back tracked to try and find it. No such luck, I'm afraid! We had lunch at Black Tor and I decided we should take a different route back to Princetown, via Leeden Tor and the Dartmoor Way.

  • Date: 27/12/09
  • Region: Dartmoor National Park
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: Princetown – Black Tor – Raddick Plantation – Leeden Tor – Princetown - cold, sunny 11km, 4.5 hours
  • Type of Walk: Lead or Assist