Monday, 4 January 2010

#92 - Festive Walks - Brecon Beacons

Quite a few walks but they were mainly short of the required 4 hour requirement for the WGL log book.

Arrived at the cottage near the Talybont Reservoir on Monday, before the snow. We ventured out from the cottage the next day, and there was plenty on the ground and as we climbed higher up and into the snow, the walk got trickier. It was obvious we weren't going to finish the proposed route before dark, and with the snow getting heavier, we turned back.

On Wednesday, we walked up about 300m above the cottage, because a snowman just had to be built. It really was hard going in the snow, and not my favourite surface to walk on.
Thursday, I had a rest as I had stubbed my little toe on the bed leg the day before and for a while was worried it might have been broken. It wasn't, thankfully, and by Friday, I was out walking again, to get rid of a hangover. We ventured up beside the waterfalls at the end of the Talybont Reservoir, and were treated to a spectacular sunset (pictured above courtesy of Jon).
So to Saturday, and the only walk worthy of logging. After a morning climbing high above the reservoir, Maria and Jo left for home, and Jon and Jim decided to stay in at the cottage. Diane was up for some more walking, and so we drove over to the Mountain Information Centre and set off across Traeth Moor in the snow. It was a stunning day, with great views of the Beacon range, and with the snow relatively unspoilt by human footsteps we were priveliged to spot the tiny trails of birds, rabbit and mice. It was an unexpected route, a good workout on the calf muscles, and a test of our ice skating skills! You don't have to always head high to enjoy the Brecon Beacons!
  • Date: 02/01/10
  • Region: Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: Info Centre – Traeth Moor – Tir y graig Isaf – Blaen Caumilais – Info Centre - Heavy snow on ground, Sunny, cold, 11km, 4hours
  • Type of Walk: Lead or Assist