Monday, 18 January 2010

#93 - Roll on the summer!

This had to be the best turn out for a Will4Adventure walk. I heard mention that we totalled 45, and that's impressive! Granted, it was Will's 40th birthday weekend, but still a great attendance!

The numbers didn't help the progress we made on this one, and seriously hampered by the depth of the snow on the moors, Will had to rethink the route and take a shorter option. Had the snow been in it's prime, things would surely have been easier, but the constant rain through the morning was evidence the temperature had risen and the thaw had begun. This made every step an adventure in itself, each time wondering if we'd disappear up to our knees. I managed to find myself up to my waist in a drift that had covered a stream, which soon penetrated through my gaiters and into my boots. The decision to reroute was welcomed, nobody fancied a walk through this in the dark, and we all had a party to go to!

By the end, I can't really say I had enjoyed myself. It was a bit of a trudge, and the groin was pulling a bit. In hindsight, sitting here in front of the pc, with a radiator for company and feeling toasty, I'll say I wouldn't have wanted to have missed it, but roll on the summer!
  • Date: 16/01/10
  • Region: Peak District National Park
  • Status: Member
  • Description: Bradfield - Cowell Flat - Hurkling Edge - Broomhead Moor - Mortimer Rd - Agden Reservoir - Bradfield – cold, rain, deep snow, 15.3km, 6.5hrs
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking