Sunday, 31 January 2010

Overland Track - Looking for Team Members

It is highly recommended that when undertaking the Overland Track in Tasmania, you should walk in a minimum party of four. That causes a problem when you are the only person you know with an interest in this particular walk!

The cost of getting to the other side of the world alone is daunting enough, so I don't hold out much hope of finding willing participants for this challenge. I am resigned to tackle it solo, but it would be more fun with company so here is my appeal;

What I am looking for are keen walkers who are comfortable with carrying a full pack for at least 6 days, carrying all provisions, food, tent, stove, etc. The Overland Track has no stage where you can take a short cut back to civilisation when you have had enough; it is a wilderness walk where you have to either carry on to the finish, or turn back and return the same route. That said, it isn't a terrifying prospect. The track is well maintained and the huts are pretty comfortable although you need to carry a tent in case they are full or you do not reach them by the end of the day. The hours of walking between huts aren't too long, giving the chance to take side trips along the way.

The aim is to fly out in early December 2010 for 3 weeks. I've chosen early December because it doesn't eat into my annual leave too much, and the flights are a few hundred pound cheaper than flying over the festive period.

First stop is Sydney, and a chance to spend some time in the nearby Blue Mountains, which is a must in my books, before flying on to Tasmania for the walk.

So, if you are interested, and want to know more, please get in touch with me via Facebook.