Sunday, 25 April 2010

#99 - Eyam and the River Derwent

With Will in the half marathon, it was my task to lead the party on Sunday morning. Quite surprised to see there were 16 at the start, and despite a hiccup near the end, I finished with the same number, which is always a good thing!

Historic Eyam is best known for the plague, and there are constant reminders of this around the village. Our first stop out of the village was Riley's Graves, the resting place of a whole family who died within a week.

Next, down to the River Derwent, a beautiful river on most stretches I have had the pleasure to walk. Not that I could truly enjoy it on this occasion. The group were getting spread out and I was having to constantly check for the stragglers.

By the time we had reached the village of Stoney Middleton, and done a head count, we began to head up The Cliff before a gentle descent into Eyam. At the top, it became apparent we were two people missing, and a quick phone call found them wandering around the church back in the last village! I had to make my way back down the hill to find them. It turned out they had thought we had reached Eyam and just wandered off without saying goodbye! A valuable lesson not to assume that commonsense prevails in all of the group! I wasn't too happy about having to climb the hill again either!

Half hour later, we were back in Eyam, and this time, everyone managed to say goodbye before wandering off to their cars.
  • Date: 25/04/10
  • Region: Peak District National Park
  • Status: Lead
  • Description: Eyam - Riley Graves - Froggat Bridge – Calver – Knouchley Farm - Stoney Middleton – Eyam - Sunny, 10km, 3hrs
  • Type of Walk: Leading or Assisting