Saturday, 29 May 2010

The best laid plans...

A weekend that failed to live up to our expectations! The aim was for Jim and I to head out Saturday, onto Dartmoor, bivvy for the night, then return to the car the following morning. The good old beeb got the forecast for South West Devon completely wrong, and it was obvious we had to rethink. Decision made, we set off from Belstone, in the afternoon, with the tent packed instead of the tarp. I am sorry to say, we failed to get far! Wind and rain in our face, the prospect of a thoroughly miserable experience that was nothing like the one we wanted, we stopped after twenty minutes, and decided to call it a day! Besides, the forecast had promised a better day tomorrow, we'd try again then!

But, by the time we had got home, and rechecked the weather, another band of rain had appeared and it wasn't looking better for Sunday evening. We had come to bivvy, maybe see a sunset or a sunrise, not test our survival skills!

The plan changed again, and tomorrow we would just be carrying our daysacks!