Tuesday, 7 September 2010

#114 - Runnage Farm and Grimspound Circular

We decided against continuing along the forest boundary, and got a lift back to Princetown. We had breakfast at the cafe, then drove to our accommodation at Runnage Farm. So we went for a wander straight from the farm.

Following the road for a few kilometres, through Lower Blackaton and Gamble Cot, we met an old track, which had the feel of an ancient route between the settlements in the area and Widecombe, on the east side of the Hameldown ridge.

A familiar route for me, from then on. Across the ridge, down to the Bronze Age settlement of Grimspound, up onto Hookney Tor and then the Warren House Inn.

A quick couple of pints and then across the Wallabrook, into the Forestry Plantation on Soussons Down, and back to Runnage Farm. Job done!

  • Date: 07/09/10
  • Region: Dartmoor National Park
  • Status: Equals
  • Description: Runnage Farm - Lower Blackaton - Gamble Cot - Hameldown Beacon - Broad Barrow - Grimspound - Hookney Tor - Warren House Inn - Soussons Down - Runnage Farm - Showers and sunshine, 5hrs, 15km
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking

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