Saturday, 25 September 2010

#118 - Fan Frynach

Picture by Jo Philpotts
Woke to a beautiful morning and decided to make a change of route given we wouldn't get started until nearer 11am. Parked at the Mountain Visitor Centre, and took a leisurely stroll up to Fan Frynach. My third time up here, but the first time I was afforded a view!

Coming down, we visited a cairn to the north of the ridge, and then went "off road" down the steep, heather coated hill.

It was then we saw some old bloke come rushing up to a fence below us, waving frantically. I thought it was going to be a "Get orf my larnd!" moment, but I knew this was Open Access Land. Instead he was telling us that there was no way over the fence we had reached. He was moaning that many walkers took this direction down and he was going to contact the authorities to get a stile put in.

We bowed to his knowledge, rather than handrail the fence to its conclusion down at the bottom of the hill, and climbed precariously over the barbed wire fence, resulting in Jo taking a slip and damaging her trousers and sustaining a cut on her behind.

The guy headed off down the hill, and we eventually made our way in the same direction. I wasn't best pleased when, under a hundred metres further, we passed a stile along the fence! A valuable lesson that locals don't always know best, and if in doubt of their knowledge, stick to the original plan.
  • Date: 25/09/10
  • Region: Brecon Beacons NP
  • Status: Equals
  • Description: Visitors Centre – Pont Blaen-cwm-du – Fan Frynych – Pont Pentre-Liech – Visitors Centre – Sunny, clear skies, fresh northwind - 12.2km, 5hrs.
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking

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  1. Hi Paul

    Hope the g/f's behind heals up okay. Trousers can be patched up by soft tissue is a mightmare.

    I recently came off second best to a barbed wire fence - and it was not funny: