Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Lake District Blues

 I don't know what it is about me and the Lake District. I've not visited very often due to the distance from London, this was only my third time, but on each occasion I feel I should really be enjoying it more than I actually do!

My first visit was a rushed affair, a drive up from London on a Saturday morning, a yomp up a drizzly Red Screes, resulting in an unenjoyable lesson in disorientation in the clouds.

My second; Attacked by midges at a campsite near Stonethwaite followed by a stinking hot day attempting to climb Scafell Pike for a wildcamp experience. We ended up pitching well short of our objective, Ling Mell.

So to my third; A persistant virus had left me unfit and constantly coughing for the previous five weeks, so some strenuous hill climbing wasn't what my mind or body was craving.

Despite that, Maria, Carrie and I managed three walks; A couple of low level circulars to Sunkenkirk Stone Circle, then Grizedale Forest the next day, and on the third, an ascent of Great Gable.

Unfortunately, I was in no mood for Great Gable. By the time I had reached Sty Head at 500m, the prospect of another four hundred wasn't appealing, and I turned back while Maria and Carrie made their way to the summit.

So, none of the walks really long enough to be officially logged (although the 3rd would have been if I had stayed the distance), and once again, not an inspiring visit to this national park. Maybe next time...

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