Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hangars Way pt 2

As part of our training regime, it was back to Hampshire and the Hangars Way, this time to walk the remaining 15 miles. Fortunately, by the time we reached the start at Queen Elizabeth Park, the rain had abated, and we were treated to a dry, but very muddy walk.

I was impressed by this trail, it would make for a pleasant 21 mile walk in the months where daylight was longer.

The highlight had to be a chance encounter with a very shortsighted badger. We stood still, at the top of a lane, as it trotted up towards us, getting to within twenty feet before stopping and sniffing the air. Surprisingly, he wasn't spooked by our presence; he thought about carrying on for a minute, before heading off into the bushes. For me, this was a first and an amazing moment! I've sat next to fairy penguins sleeping in a cave, I've been pestered by kangaroos and possums, whilst camping in Australia, I've even held both a crocodile and a koala (seperately, of course!), and played with wolf cubs, yet this was just as special!

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