Sunday, 27 March 2011

Malvern Hills

Our final weekend away before we head to Australia and the Overland Track and I chose the Malvern Hills for its undulating ridgeline, perfect for some multiple ascents and descents.

A misty morning, we started to the north in West Malvern, climbing up into the clouds to the Worcestershire Beacon, the heighest point in the county at 425 metres. Already at the first peak of the walk, I could feel it was to be a slog, a nagging hangover being a contributing factor. With no views of either Herefordshire or Worcestershire, we trudged on, following the ancient ditch that runs the length of the wide ridge.

When we stopped for lunch and I took off my rucksack, the effects of the wine the night before really took hold and the walk took on more of a psychological challenge than a physical one. I was keen to get it done and dusted now. By the time we had scaled a couple of more hills, and descended towards the tea shop where the A449 passes through a gap in the hills,  the next obstacle loomed ominously in front of us; British Camp and the Herefordshire Beacon.

Neither Maria or Paul were particularly disappointed when I selfishly suggested we avoid the long staircase, skirt round the hill and continue the journey back to our bunkhouse on more level terrain. It's not like there would have been much to see up there with the cloud so low anyway! So that was the unanimous decision.

A tough day in all, totally self inflicted on my part and completely deserved but it was still fun; The Malverns are a wonderful playground.

On Sunday, we took a gentle stroll around the countryside near Callows End and Medresfield, one that ended being a longer walk than anticipated, as we were unfortunately unable to gain access to cross what turned out to be a very private estate.

So that's it, out final weekend and next time we all meet up it will probably be in Sydney! Bring it on!!

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