Friday, 3 March 2000

day twenty-seven: melbourne - the spirit of tasmania

Hung around the YHA before getting a taxi at 2pm to take me to the ferry terminal, to embark on the fourteen hour crossing to Devonport, Tasmania.

I was on board the "Spirit of Tasmania" by 2.30pm., had found my cabin easily and dumped my bags before exploring the ship, This isn't your standard ferry, nine decks, with 2, 4 berth and hostel accommodation, bars, restaurants, cinema, etc.. The time flies by.

I got talking to an aussie named Glen, from Perth. We downed a few beers, and were well on our way to getting pissed and we hadn't even set sail, better pace ourselves!

Dinner was at 8pm, a buffet affair, and plenty was eaten, before returning to the bar. At last, it was good to talk to the natives, a rare experience on the backpacking trail, By 10pm, we were flagging, and we left, I went to the cinema, before going to bed at midnight. Accompanied for about an hour by the sound of a chainsaw in the bunk above mine.