Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Lazy Sunday…

IMG_1309Maybe it is the mountain air, but I didn’t stir until about 10am. I’d missed breakfast and I was not in the mood for a strenuous hike, so I went into the town centre, ordered a cappuccino and a ham, tomato and cheese toasty, then decided on the plan for today. It was a leisurely stroll from Zermatt down to Tasch; only an hour and 45 minutes, but should I feel like it, I could tag on an extra hour to Randa.

I didn’t go with the extra section, the route into Tasch is ok, and suitable for a day when the weather means there is nothing to see in the mountains. You follow the Bahnweg, at first the scenery is blighted by the construction taking place on the outskirts, and then the quarries most likely the result of the need for building materials to feed the urban sprawl. Eventually, the scenery gets better. You wander through some picturesque woodland and the valley takes on a more tranquil feel.

IMG_1329A few times, it threatened to rain, but there was no need for waterproofs just yet. Before too long, I had arrived in Tasch by about 2pm. I had another coffee, then jumped on the train back to Zermatt. When I got back, the heavens opened, and thunder was in the air. There was only one thing for it, retreat to the Brown Cow Pub to spend the afternoon with a couple of beers and a good book.

As I sit here in my dorm, looking out in the direction of the hidden Matterhorn, its ominously grey and the thunder has returned. This looks like it is in for the rest of the day. Tomorrow looks more promising so I’ll venture higher then!

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