Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rain, rain and more rain…

A very bad night for sleeping. Mike and Humphrey came back from the bars around 2.30am, minus Tom. 45 minutes later, Tom arrived, escorted by the police, who woke us up to see if we knew him. They then took his passport off him and told him to come to the police station at 8am. It seemed a little excessive for being drunk, so we were suspicious as to what Tom had actually done, and he was either unaware or hiding the reason.

So to today, Monika was leaving later so we had time for a walk. The weather was shocking, though, and we cut short our walk in the valley, and returned to Zermatt for lunch and to wander around. The weather worsened, there was hail at one point and thunder continued through most of the afternoon. Eventually, we said our goodbyes and Monika headed off back to Zofingen on the train.

That evening, I headed into the town centre with Mike and Humphrey for a few beers.

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