Friday, 8 July 2011

Ready for Switzerland

Bags are now packed and I have checked in online; all that is left is to sit back, chill and sleep before my very early morning flight from Heathrow.

British Airways tried to tempt me to upgrade with the offer of a glass of that poncy, pretentious, piss poor fizzy pop they call champagne at 6.45am, but my head is not for turning, even if it is only an extra £59! Honestly, what is the point of Business and First class on a short haul flight?  Anyone who forks out the extra cash is both sad and a tiny bit up themselves!

But enough of berating the rich and the stupid, onto my plans for this fortnight.

This time tomorrow I will be relaxing in the Swiss town of Zermatt with a beer. My first week is spent here, my base for some walking in the region and hopefully a trek up to Hornli Hut at the foot of the Matterhorn. At some point, an old friend, Monika, will join me for a couple of days.

Then, on the Saturday, it is off to the Montreux Jazz Festival to see Deep Purple, a band that it has taken me all of 33 years to finally witness live! Quite honestly, Montreux is the mother of all places to do this given the connection with the song “Smoke on the Water”.

Then it is off to visit my friend Madeleine, in Fiesch. Amongst some walking in the Valais region, I will fit in a two day guided hike along the magnificent Aletsch Glacier. This will be my first time on the ice, and an introduction to walking with crampons. I just hope the tour has enough numbers to go ahead, I’ll know more next week.

So, extremely excited about this fortnight! Armed with my little netbook, and with a good wi-fi connection in the hostel, I’ll be updating the blog and posting photos as often as I can!

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