Monday, 29 August 2011

Back on the trail again..

A bank holiday weekend spent at home? Unthinkable! Well, not really when expensive ambitions dictate you have to sacrifice weekends away. I still had to get out of the house, though, even if it wasn’t somewhere wild, and I was determined to go walking after four weeks without donning my hiking boots.

Up early Sunday, I drove to West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. My pack laden with all the gear for the start of the Ridgeway National Trail on Saturday, I reintroduced myself with a  8.5mi/14km hike to Lodge Hill and back. No dramas to report from the walk; the weight I carried, 13kg, was comfortable, and I averaged a healthy pace of over 4.5km per hour. Although the legs were beginning to stiffen when I reached the car, it has instilled a little more confidence that I can complete a fair portion of the Ridgeway’s 85 miles, if not it all.

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