Sunday, 25 September 2011

The exorcism continues….

With one demon cast out, it is time to think about exorcising the other two. Don’t worry, I am not possessed by some mythical creature, I am, of course, referring to my very short, but, nonetheless, niggling, list of unfinished charity walks. The Ridgeway now behind me, and my flight booked for the Overland Track next April, my attention is drawn to the other trail on the list, the 117 mile Devon Coast to Coast.

Those that sponsored me for this one, back in 2008, might recall that I threw in the towel on the third morning at the 32 mile mark. Things conspired against me; the appalling weather and some troublesome footwear were a big factor but the major stumbling block, however, was a stubborn reluctance for Contour Holidays to even attempt to reschedule my accommodation bookings. The opportunity to shorten my mileage for a day, or take a days respite from one of the wettest summers I can recall, would have given me a fighting chance to carry on.

One slight issue with grabbing this particular devil by the horns any time soon is finding 7-8 days to fit it in. After the Ridgeway, I was eager to tackle another multi day walk as soon as possible, but a look at my holiday allowance doesn’t give me much of a choice; one day unaccounted for between now and the end of March 2012!

The only option in the foreseeable future appears to be the 10 day Christmas break. My initial thoughts are that this has more negatives than positives; An obvious disadvantage is the winter days are shorter and accommodation over the holiday period might be few and far between. I don’t want to make the same mistake of booking through a company, like Contours, again, but I am aware I may have no choice. There is the camping option. Well, there is on the moors, at least, but the 32 mile stretch between Dartmoor and Exmoor might prove impossible. Also, there is no doubt, the extra gear required for winter wild camping would slow me down.

So, it doesn’t look good. I will definitely have to think a little bit harder about this one. Watch this space..


  1. Wow, Paul you're packing in the walks if you've only got one unaccounted for leave day until March 2012! Nice work! April sounds a good time for the Overland. Hopefully the autumn weather will give you pretty good conditions...

  2. Hi Greg, the problem with trips to the other side of the world is thy tend to sap up a lot of my allowance. I don't get out anywhere near as much as I wish I could. Bloody work eh?

  3. Paul, yeah, I know what you mean. We seem to be a long way from anywhere down here! I would love to do some walks over your way as the landscape looks so different to what I'm always walking in. Work and money have knocked that on the head for the time being though!

  4. is this the Two Moors Way with a bit added on at the end? Camping is definitely possible all the way - get packing you big wuss or I'll my mother-law-round to give you a beasting like she did with me!

  5. heheh.. yes, that's the one, Will. Believe me, I'd be on it tomorrow if I had the leave! :)