Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ridgeway Revisited

My journey along the 87 miles of The RIdgeway National Trail.


  1. How utterly splendid! Quite compelling viewing - really well done, Paul.

    I shall have to have another scamper along that one - I remember visiting one or tow of those pubs with Darren Christie a couple of years back.

  2. Cheers Alan! I have the brilliant StickPic to thank, picked one up on the backpacking light website; a great toy to have on the trail!

    As for the pubs, unfortunately, they were all shut when I walked by; I really need to work on my timing!

  3. Great walk Paul and a lovely job of recording it and inspiring others to do the same trip! An enjoyable 20 minues ;-)

  4. Thanks Bob. I saw the TGO podcasts and thought "that filming malarkey looks like fun!"