Sunday, 6 November 2011

#134 - South Downs day 2: Alfriston YHA to Eastbourne

I have had worse nights in a hostel dorm, but this one was pretty bad. The guy in the bunk above was a serial fidget, and there was the obligatory insufferable snorer amongst the pack. Oh well, at least I had survived without a hint of a hangover thanks to the lowly 3.9% of the beer the night before.

I was up at 7.30am, more because I had given up the idea of a peaceful lie in, than by design, and we were down for breakfast half hour later. We departed the hostel at 9:15am, and retraced our steps to the river, before striking north along the South Downs Way.

At the bridge at Alfriston, we made our first change of direction that suggested we were heading back, and thanks to the warm up, I was better acclimatised to tackle an ascent of Windover Hill.

It was certainly a colder day, a chilly northerly cut across the ridge, but as soon as we found shelter on the lower slopes, it was much more comfortable.

We strayed from the way to try and get a look at the chalk carving known as “The Long Man”, but we failed to see it, instead managing to find a trig point that showed we had achieved our highest point on the walk, a heady 214 metres!

We had hoped to find a tea shop, when we descended into the village of Jevington, but Jim had to make do with standing outside the Hungry Monk restaurant and reading the menu. Interesting fact; the restaurant is the birthplace of the Banoffi Pie, back in 1972!

With nothing to keep us in Jevington, we were onwards and upwards, 130 metre climb to the top of the down, where the trail turned south to the coast. To our left, sat Eastbourne, and a great view of the south east coast up to Hastings.

The section south is long and straight, giving you ample opportunity to take in the views from both sides of the ridge.

Crossing through the Eastbourne Downs Golf Club, we cracked on to where the coastal section of the South Downs Way intersects, and then descended to the cafe in Holywell for a cuppa and a large slice of carrot cake!

All in all, a successful weekend away, and given it was only put together a few days before, all the better for it!

  • Date: 06/11/11
  • Region: South Downs National Park
  • Status: Equals
  • Description: Alfriston YHA - Windover Hill - Jevington - Willingdon Hill - Eastbourne Downs Golf Club - Warren Hill - Holywell - Overcast, chill breeze, 4hrs, 15.3km
  • Type of Walk: Personal Walking