Friday, 13 January 2012

Tasmania Rocks

77 days to go and I’ve finally cracked the transport problem I was having in the November 2011’s "Tasmania Blues" post; namely, getting to and from the Overland Track.

Greg of, put me on to McDermotts Coaches, who do transfers from Launceston to Cradle Mountain for a bargain AUD $51! I had seen them advertised before, but dismissed them as a day tour company. When Greg mentioned them, I went to their website, but for some reason failed to find the information I needed. Lo and behold, two months later I have gone back and found the information straight away! A typical case of “wood for the trees!”

With the outward leg sorted, I started looking at getting back to Hobart. Before, I was concentrating on using one firm for both legs, which is probably why I was having trouble, but splitting them up has done the trick. Enter Adventure Seekers who can do it for between AUD $80-110! Result!

So, looking at the figures compared with my original option;

Launceston to Cradle Mountain

Lake St. Clair to Hobart

Whilst there is the potential that Tiger Wilderness could be cheaper at AUD $155, the combination of the others is guaranteed maximum AUD $161. If I was part of a group, I would go with the one company, but I am a lone hiker, who has no guarantee of extra passengers chipping in. I really don’t see a choice, especially as my trip is the back end of the peak season, and I’m not confident of extra passengers coming on board. I prefer to fork out for a confirmed price; one less thing to worry about…


  1. Glad I can help a little! The disclaimer is if your transport turns to crap then I'm totally not responsible :) Yeah, Tasmania is awkward to get around and as a solo walker expensive. No worries if you're in a massive group to share the costs!

    Hopefully it all goes to plan and all I can say is that my trip with McDermotts was faultless!

  2. Ahh! I understand now why you keep your identity secret! :)