Friday, 2 November 2012



An update on the SPOT GPS Messenger; I took it with me to Mallorca and my four day hike on the GR221 and it performed well.

Day One: Valldemossa to Deia

There was a lot of time spent in woodland on this leg, but the Track Progress function worked well. The Check-in message did not get sent, but I’ll put that down to not having a clear view of sky at the refuge and me being impatient, and not giving it long enough to try again.

Day Two: Deia to Soller

This faired better. More woodland, but progress was logged and messages sent.
  • Custom Message – received text immediately and Facebook posting successful.
  • Check In / OK Message – eventually received and posted on Facebook after a lengthy time getting a satellite signal, but, in hindsight, I should have just gone back outdoors instead of hanging out of my hotel bedroom window!
  • GR221 - Day Two – Spot Adventures Log Track Log

Day Three: Soller to Tossals Verds

Despite map warnings of poor GPS Signal on the climb up to Col de L’Offre, the Track Progress function did a good job!

Day Four: Tossals Verds to Lluc

The final day, and no problems encountered.

Overall, I’m happy! Day one gave me concerns, but I’ll write that off as my bad.

I was also pleased with the performance of the AAA lithium batteries showing no signs of running out. They are supposed to have up to 7 days with 100% clear view of sky, and 3.5 days with 50% clear, 50% obstructed, so I can trust the manufacturers estimation.

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