Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013: eyes on the prize

First things first; I would like to take the time to wish all who have stumbled across my humble blog, and those who keep returning, a very Happy New Year!
Now to business; Blimey, it’s been a long while since I last posted on the blog! Major reason is that I have simply not set foot on a trail since my November Waterfalls and Reservoirs weekend in the Brecon Beacons! Time to change that!
My Yuletide break on Dartmoor was washed out, so I retreated home to Uxbridge, where I have had some time to reflect on the year ahead, and what still needs doing before my challenge.
With the season of gluttony out of the way, my number one priority is getting in shape; those of you who read my post “Let Battle Commence” back in October would hope I would have sprang into action and started to address the issue, but, alas, I’m not that pro-active and it has taken until now for me to put a semblance of a plan into action.
First up; I have joined Weight Loss Resources online to monitor my progress. This website is a comprehensive set of tools and databases tailor made for people who want to lose weight. The food database is particularly invaluable, with its largest UK online collection of calorie and nutrition information.
I have signed up for the monthly subscription of £9.95. The service has a monthly money back guarantee; They will refund if you don’t achieve 75% of your targeted weight loss, on the condition you have completed your food diary, honestly and completely for a four week period AND have remained within your calorie allowance over the four week period. I’ll see how it goes; early doors is positive, and I can see my membership continuing to the stage when I feel I have learnt the error of my ways, if not longer.
Next: As an extra incentive to encourage me to keep on the plan, I have decided to adopt a “Name and Shame” policy; each week I will share my weekly weigh-in result on the Walking4Charity Facebook Page. I hope it will all be positive!
My final task is Exercise: Other than walking, any other form of exertion is rare to me, and when weekends slip by without a decent stretch of the legs, I soon start to turn all lackadaisical! I loathe the atmosphere and culture of gyms (even travelling to one is an effort) but I do, begrudgingly, recognise the value of them. Avoiding an expensive membership plan and the inevitable queues for the most popular machinery, I have purchased a few items to help me get a workout at home. Now armed with a Cross Trainer (soon to be delivered), a Rowing Machine, Dumb Bells, Exercise Ball and Mat, I have the weapons to fight the flab. Now all I need is the resolve to stop them from simply gathering dust in the corner! There are no two ways about it, I must keep chipping away to achieve my target weight before I head off to Terra Australis in September. Last years 6 day Overland Track challenge was tough, due to my fitness; I cannot afford to be in the same shape for a walk that is the length of the Bibbulmun Track.
Essentially, it is all now down to me. Getting to the start line in Kalumunda, on my 50th birthday, is all part of the challenge, and that challenge starts… NOW!!!!
Let’s see how 2013 pans out…

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