Sunday, 27 January 2013

A two walk weekend: Richmond Park and Ruislip Lido

Barely a week later and you would never have known we had been in the grip of the next ice age. This weekend the weather was perfect for a couple of local rambles.

Saturday, and we set off from Kew Bridge, along the Thames, to Richmond Park. A circuit of the busy park. Wildlife was less than I anticipated; disappointingly, we saw no deer, but there were a few of the local parrots in the trees, a plague of ignorant cyclists and many examples of that sour faced species that is the jogger!

We were back in time for a couple of pints and a meal at the excellent Botanist Pub in Kew. If you ever find yourself in the area, you’d do well to pop in and sample their wares.

The whole route worked out at 15.5 miles, so both ale and grub were well earned!

Sunday, and a shorter distance, but I reckon it was more of a workout on the legs, thanks, mainly, to the overnight rain and the quagmire bridleways in the woods around Ruislip. Still, the sun stayed out and it made for a pleasant afternoon slide to Ruislip Lido, which was teeming with water fowl, and proved to be the only time I used my camera.

On the return to the car, teased by the smells of Sunday roasts emanating from the numerous carveries along the route through Ruislip, we opted for a meal only to be thwarted by an hour and a half wait  for a table. Better planning next time!

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