Sunday, 20 January 2013

Walking in a winter wonderland (or Uxbridge to Amersham)

Not much occurring in the way of trips away in January; the concentration has been on saving money and getting into better condition, which is progressing steadily. I have been fairly proactive though, and clocked up some mileage locally.

Pretty pleased with the 14 miles I tramped yesterday, in the snow, from Uxbridge to Amersham, and below are a few snaps of the day.

The first leg takes you along the towpath of the Grand Union Canal.

An hour later, you reach the pretty village of Denham. To the right is the former residence to the late great Sir John Mills; I wanted to take a picture of the blue plaque but as I could see there were people wandering about inside I decided not to intrude so early in the morning!

Out of the village, is a wide expanse where the Denham Aerodrome sits (and the temperature took a noticeable drop).

Eventually, after a wander along Tile House Lane, a path veers left and heads out into the countryside.

And just before reaching Amersham, I took a quick snap of me in the snow, looking like I’ve cropped and pasted myself onto a white background!

And for those that are interested; a log of the trip;


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