Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Widemouth Bay to Bude Coastal Path

Excuse the language, but F**k me, it was cold when we hopped out of the car for a Sunday morning jaunt from Bude to Widemouth Bay. Tying bootlaces and adjusting clothing to protect from the elements became a major task thanks to numbing digits! Not quite up there with Sir Ran the other week, but painful in our own little world! The idea was that Dartmoor was going to be a real mare to walk on today, with blizzards forecast throughout the day, so we drove west into Cornwall to escape the worst of the returning winter, but still enjoy some ascents on the coast path.

When we finally departed, we followed the Bude Canal towpath inland to Helebridge, before cutting across a couple of fields to the coast and Widemouth Bay. The canal path was easy walking; metalled since I was last here with my sister and three nephews, and it makes for a pleasant family stroll.

At Hellebridge, we reached the fields, and mercifully firm underfoot despite the rain. After so long being close to the sea, it was good to finally get to see it!

In hindsight, I should have put another coin in the parking ticket machine, because time was short and there was no time to wander onto the beach, and so we went straight for the coast path heading back to Bude.

I have to say, these are the conditions I enjoy most when at the seaside; crashing waves and buffeting winds are much more interesting and exhilarating than a hot summers day.

Conditions were slippery on the path, and some sections of the edge were encroaching close to the road. At one point we veered away from some alarming cracks in the turf!

We climbed one final hill and took a seat on a bench, the wind and rain mattering not a jot thanks to three layers and my newly proofed Paramo. This was fun!

Down to Bude and just enough time to make our way to the sand, but not without some difficulty thanks to the slippery causeway down to Summerleaze Beach.

Walk done and a drive back home. With the worst of the weather finally catching up with us in the form of snow and sleet, it promised to be a long drive back to London.

The route for those that might want to take it one day.

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