Monday, 25 March 2013

Wistman's Wood from Princetown

I was feeling very guilty after a large slice of Coffee and Walnut cake, and, with my efforts yesterday being minimal, I skipped both dinner and a pint last night. A bitter night, apparently. My decision to stay in the bunkhouse paid off, and by all accounts from the teacher chatter in the cafe, the kids camping on the moor had had a character building night under canvas and there were a few tears.

My route, once again was undecided. Soon after wandering out of Princetown, the elements bit hard, and I could feel my left cheek sustaining a spot of frost-nip. I hoisted my buff and carried on. The freezing fog had left a myriad of ice sculptures on anything that had remained static overnight.

Not only the trees were affected; my biggest problem through the whole day was to be battling with frozen gate locks!

I made my way down to Two Bridges, and took the decision to wander up to Wistman's Wood. 

I figured the frost would have made for some interesting photographs. As it was, the valley was warmer and fog had been replaced by mist, and visibility was better.

I reached the woods, and lingered for a while, taking a few pics of the ancient woodland.

I intended to turn back but the fog on higher ground drew me in and I began ascending in search of Longaford Tor. Visibility was at its worse for the whole weekend. I could barely make out the two huge granite monoliths either side of me; it was an imposing scene.

Time to turn south, for Littaford Tor, a careful eye on my bearing. When reached, I was impressed by the effects of the frost on the tor.

Now, more decisions on the route home. I trudged down to the Crockern Tor, where visibility was better. This tor is the site of the Stannary Parliament, for about 400 years, up to the 18th Century. For more, visit Wikipedia

A spot of road walking to cross the worst of Muddilake, and then off toward the Princes Hotel.

Up this frost-bitten avenue, and back onto the open moor, high above the West Dart.

Eventually, I picked up the bridleway back to Princetown. A boggy slog along a stretch that Diane and I had traversed a few weeks ago, in more favourable conditions. As I neared the end, the temperature was noticeably lower and the frost more prevalent on the trees. Princetown really is a chilly place to live!

Extremely pleased with my effort today. Plenty of opportunities to make this a short walk, but I stuck with it, and unlike last night, deserved a couple of beers!

The route:


  1. I'm very impressed with the effects of the frost. Quite beautiful.

    1. Yes. Well worth putting up with the cold to get out and enjoy the show. Like most of us, I'm sure, I do crave a bit of warmth now, though.