Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cornish Coast Weekend part one

It had been a while since I last ventured into the nether regions of the South-West; a couple of decades, maybe three! Cornwall always felt like the Lake District in the sense it was just a touch too far for a weekend trip. When you are on it’s doorstep, like I was this week, it had to be done!

Jim drove down from London, picking me up en route, for a weekend with his climbing club, but as he was nursing a couple of injuries, walking was planned for two days.

Once camped and settled at the campsite in Truthwall, near Botallack, we drove up the coast to wherever we could park the car; that turned out to be Treen.

We made our way towards Gurnard's Head, and picked our way over and around to the end.

The South West Coast Path is wonderful, but I'm in two minds as to whether I could do it as a multiple day long distance hike; the buffeting winds and twists and turns lull you into thinking you have walked further than you actually have! It would make for some long days!

We reached Bosigran, where Jim pointed out a thin ridge that ran from the waves, up to the top of the cliffs, and that he had done that route the previous year. I could just make out the climbers dotted along its spine, and you may be able to see them in the picture below.

As we moved on from this vantage point, we could see other climbers who were playing below us, shouting to each other in a vain attempt to be heard in the wind.

We started to head inland now; Jim had a cream tea on his mind, and we visited a house that he knew did them very well!

Using some twisted logic, I figured hot chocolate and lemon cake would be healthier than clotted cream and scones!

Short work made of the treat, it was time to earn it, and the granite peak of Carn Galver close by was a good way to repay the debt. We were soon at the top enjoying the views on this sunny day!

We traced our steps back to the road, not able to find an alternative route through the thick heather, and were nearly back at the car. But first we had a couple of field encounters with cattle; the first where they were first spooked by our arrival at a stile, and then inquisitive, and the second where a diversion to the road seemed the sensible alternative. 

We also met a lively terrier who watched over his prize with a certain look of satisfaction!

Ten kilometres today, short but testing with quite a bit of ascent. Here's the route:

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